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Call Recording

Call recording is becoming an essential tool throughout all types of commercial and service based industries. In some sectors it has become a legal requirement.

Call Recording can influence the outcome of litigation cases and provide a useful record of client service levels. Staff monitoring and training is another area where call recording proves its worth, presenting you with the information you need to reward or improve staff performance.

Analyse your customer experience.


Smaller companies with fewer than 30 fixed lines have historically been excluded from the advantages of the call recording model, as cost was a barrier. However, this is now not the case thanks to the introduction of new call recording solutions that we are able to provide from a starting point of only 8 fixed lines, at a rate well within the reach of most SMEs.

As authorised companies in the financial sector are now required to record all calls for the purpose of dispute resolution and compliance to industry regulations, this new entry-level product is invaluable.  

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